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The History of Korean Art Essay -- Korea Art History Artists Essays

The History of Korean art The fine graphicss of Korea, while largely influenced by Chinese, are characterized by simplicity, spontaneity and naturalism. A work of Korean art is not very meticulous in tiny details. It rather tends to embrace wholeness. This seemingly indifference lies in the flexible state of mind of early Korean artists who love nature as it is. Ko Yu-sop, a Korean art scholar, defines the characteristic aspects of Korean art as technique without technique, planning without planning, asymmetry and nonchalance.During the trinity Kingdoms period (BC-AD 668), the first major period of Korean Art during recorded history, the local powers of Koguryo in the north, Paekche in the southwest, and Silla in the southeast fought for control over the Korean peninsula. Koguryos art survived more often than not in the form of fresco-type mural paintings decorating 5th and 6th century tomb chambers. The vigorous polychrome paintings represented lively everyday scenes, animals, and new(prenominal) stylish figures, some of which display Central Asian influences. The Paekche kingdom maintained close relations with Japan in the 6th and 7th centuries. Its art is mostly known for gracefully sculpted Buddhist images preserved in Japan. The finest example from this period is the painted wood figure of Kudara Kannon in Japan, which either was brought from Korea or was form by one of the many Paekche artists working in Japan at the time. Silla art of the Three Kingdoms period is noted for the refinement of its metalwork. Monumental tomb mounds meet Kyongju, the Silla capital, is famous for a striking array of uniquely Korean ornaments, including a group of gold crowns richly decorated with masses of jade pendants and gold discs. Silla integrated the Korean kingdoms into a single nation in AD 668, marking the beginning of the Great Silla period (668-918). Impressive granite monuments were constructed, including the mid 8th century pagoda of the Pulgaks a monastery and the hollow out temple of Sukkalam, both located near Kyongju. The Sukkalam contained a giant stone Buddha figure and fine relief carvings showing Chinese influence. Metalworkers of Silla period excelled in the earthly concern of large bronze temple bells, which were often as tall as 13ft high. Also noteworthy are the elegant bronze figurines of Buddhist gods, such as that of Maitreya (7th century). Suppor... ...d the school library computers to find some articles that I found to be useful. I also found a couple of web sites that dealt with international art histories. And here are the sources I used to do my research.BooksMcKillop, Beth. Korean Art and Design. New York Icon Editions, 1992.Kim, Won-yong. Visual Arts of Korea. In Kim Won-yong. Art and Archaeology of antediluvian patriarch Korea. Seoul The Taekwang Publishing Co., 1986.Chung, Yang Mo. The Art of Everyday Life. In Hongnam Kim, ed. Korean Arts of the Eighteenth Century Splendor and Simplic ity. New York The Asia Society Galleries, 1993.ArticlesBest, Jonathan W. 5,000 Years of Korean Art History and History, A Review Article. The daybook of Asian Studies 403 (May 1981) 559-566.Kim, Won-yong. Philosophies and Styles in Korean Art A Prelude to the History of Korean Art. Korea Journal 194 (April 1979) 4-10. Also included in Art and Archaeology of Ancient Korea. Seoul The Taekwang Publishing Co., 1986.Kim, Young-Kee. Modern Art in Korea. Kukche munhwa 41 (19679) hypertext mark-up language/e_menu.htm (Embassy of the Republic of Korea)