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Constant Comparison - 3434 Words

artscienceresearch methods nursing standard: clinical  · research  · education Use of constant comparative analysis in qualitative research Hewitt-Taylor J (2001) Use of constant comparative analysis in qualitative research. Nursing Standard. 15, 42, 39-42. Date of acceptance: March 19 2001. Summary This article describes the application of constant comparative analysis, which is one method that can be used to analyse qualitative data. The need for data analysis to be congruent with the overall research design is highlighted. T HE AIM OF qualitative research is to portray the reality of the area under investigation, and to enhance understanding of the situation and the meanings and values attributed to this by†¦show more content†¦The codes were written on hard copies of each document next to the related section. The codes and their definitions were recorded in a separate file. For example: I Code – nursing and self-directed learning. I Definition – any reference to, or indication that there might be issues relating to, selfdirected learning which is specific to nursing. I Abbreviation – NSDL. A separate file was used to ensure that the use of each code remained consistent and to establish a clear decision trail that could be used by auditors or future researchers. During data coding, notes were made about how decisions had been reached, how the coding process had been Online archive For related articles visit our online archive at: and search using the key words below. Key words I Research methods These key words are based on subject headings from the British Nursing Index. This article has been subject to double-blind review. july 4/vol15/no42/2001 nursing standard 39 artscienceresearch methods nursing standard: clinical  · research  · education conducted, and any specific queries raised. Data analysis was inductive, as the study sought to promote understanding of individual perceptions, not prove a preconceived theory. Codes were, therefore, generated from the data, rather than predetermined. Although literature-based codes can provide a useful tool, they can impede the development of new ideas (StraussShow MoreRelatedThe Effect Of Switching Frequency On Switching1027 Words   |  5 Pageswhile maintaining the output current ripple within a pre-defined range. To study the impact of VSFPWM on switching loss reduction over the entire modulation index range, the simulations were carried out different speeds (modulation indices) for a constant load torque. Table II and Table III compares the current ripple, and the percentage change in the current distortion and the switching losses for CSFSVPWM-VSFSVPWM and CSFDPWM2-VSFDPWM2 techniques respectively. Similar to the analytical results atRead MoreScott Hightower’s poem â€Å"Father† could be very confusing to interpret. Throughout almost the1000 Words   |  4 Pageshe is being compared to. The constant use of the word â€Å"was† gets the reader to think ‘how come the speaker’s father is no longer comparable to these things?’ After the speaker reveals that his father is no longer around, he describes how his father impacted him. Details about the father as well as descriptions of the impacts the father has distraught on the speaker are all presented in metaphors. The repetitive pattern concerning the speaker’s father and the constant use of metaphors gives the readerRead MorePerformance Measures in Operation Management Essay1716 Words   |  7 Pagesbenchmarking - a comparison between operations or parts of operations which are within the same total organization. E.g. a manufacturer with several factories benchmarks each factory against the others. * External benchmarking - a comparison between an operation and other operations which are part of a different organization. * Non-competitive benchmarking - compare with organizations do not compete directly in the same markets. * Competitive benchmarking - a comparison directly betweenRead MoreQuantum Population Based Meta Heuristic1751 Words   |  8 Pages1) a = F/M (2) (3.2) Based on Equation (3.1), F represents the magnitude of the gravitational force, G is gravitational constant, M1 and M2 are the mass of the first and second objects and R is the distance between the two objects. Equation (3.1) shows that in the Newton law of gravity, the gravitational force between two objects is directly proportional to the product ofRead MoreDifference Between Ht Group And Group910 Words   |  4 PagesWe preformed 2-waty ANOVA statically analysis on mean irradiance with p 0.05. All Pairwise Multiple Comparison Procedures (Holm-Sidak method) show overall significance level = 0.05 (Table III, IV). The mean irradiance for HT group at the recommended temperature decreases from 331.77 mW/cm2 to 188 mW/cm2 as the tackiness increases from 1 to 2mm. The mean irradiance for LT group decreases from 276.2 mW/cm2 to 121.17 mW/cm2 as the thickness increase from 1 to 2. There are statistically significantRead MoreSpectrophotometric Determination of Equilibrium Constant for a Reaction3029 Words   |  13 PagesDATE PERFORMED: JULY 20, 2007 SPECTROPHOTOMETRIC DETERMINATION OF EQUILIBRIUM CONSTANT FOR A REACTION ABSTRACT UV-VIS spectrophotometry is one of the most widely-used methods for determining and identifying many inorganic species. During this experiment, this spectrophotometry was used to determine the equilibrium constant, Keq, of the Fe3+(aq)+SCN-(aq)↔ FeSCN2+(aq) reaction. By determining the amount of light absorbed, the concentration of the colored FeSCN2+ solution was also quantitativelyRead MoreThe Time Constant Of A First Order System1847 Words   |  8 Pages Objective The objective of this lab is to firstly evaluate the time constant of a first order system (RC circuit) and to understand its influence on the output at increasing frequencies. The secondary objectives of this lab include observation of the effect of capacitance on the time constant and also the evaluation of the system’s bandwidth. Background A first order system is made up of two major components: an energy-storing component (mass, capacitor, etc.) and an energy-dissipating componentRead MoreInvestigating The Detection Limit And The Concentration Of Quinine On Tonic Water Essay1562 Words   |  7 Pagesopposite is true at acidic pH, but the nitrogen in the benzene ring can be protonated. As shown below in the graph, as the pH increases ,the intensity of quinine decreases. Due to a constant and less concentrated solution, the effects of quenching was minimized. As shown, the emissions of the samples was low in comparison to the standard samples. One can also assume, if the tonic samples were diluted with buffered solutions, the concentration could be calcuated by standard additions. Conclusions:Read MoreSocietal Standards of Feminine Beauty Essay783 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican women† (Being Truly Beautiful). Research conducted by Westminster College provides factual evidence that three theories are primarily responsible for the negative mindset of the average American women in comparison to the average model. These theories include: social comparison, cultivation and self-schema. These three theories are indicative of the images seen in reality television, magazines and advertisements. Each perspective has helped researchers examine mechanisms by which the mediaRead MoreCooks Emporium Is A Small Retail Business Operating Out Essay1499 Words   |  6 PagesThese major tasks (writing code and connecting the various systems) must be analyzed further to understand proper time estimates and realistic plausibility of working with other systems. System Alternative Matrix Comparison Abc System Conclusion When offering alternatives to the Inventory Management System, we build a set of requirements that the new system should absolutely have at least a minimum level of functionality in. Furthermore, the system is

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